Monday, April 11, 2011

New Beans

The beanies: Cecily and Clara
When my granddaughter was learning to talk she had a hard time calling me anything - until she came up with "Granbean."  As here in the South we refer to these little people as our "granbabies" I turned the tables on her and call her the "granbeanie."  She likes it.  When her mom announced she would be a big sister she decided that we couldn't have two granbeanies, so she would have to come up with another name for her little sister.  Well, she did: the jellybeanie!

Cecily Rose was born April 3rd - on my birthday!  Even though she has a proper name we still call her the jellybeanie.  Out in the garden my peas are doing swell, the tomatoes look good and the flower and salad beds are A-OK but my beans look a little peaked.  Too much water in the last month, I think.  No matter, I got the beanies that really matter ;-)

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