Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lots going on

My black bamboo is threatening to take over my yard.  I spent about an hour cutting down shoots and trimming up the stand.  It looks kinda OK now but it has managed to attract some climbing vine, of course.  I sprayed all the vines surrounding my yard with RoundUp.  It may not work.  These are tough vines.

I cleaned out the pottery studio and have about a ton of dry clay.  Must buy more.  Must buy a pug mill.  I also condensed my glaze recipes into one binder.  Good grief, I have a bunch of recipes!

I wrote one grant and handled a bunch of things for work.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I'm lovin' it!

So for my first week of semi-retirement I have gotten up at the regular time BUT did not dress in my usual biz attire.  Instead I slipped on my jeans and a tee shirt.  I put in 5 hours grant writing and am done by 1 p.m.! Then for an hour I head out to my studio.  I'm revamping it, getting rid of all the dry blocks of clay and duplicates of my glaze chemicals.  I need room!  It's a great break from the computer work.  Then a visit with the beanies or work on one of my books.  I can go to the store when it's empty, make phone calls without having them overheard, and concentrate without someone constantly needing something from me.  So I'm loving it.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Turning a new leaf

I'm entering semi-retirement with excitement for the next chapter in my life. I've worked in newspapers and nonprofits for most of my life and for the last year I've done the PR, community relations and grant writing for a local nonprofit that helps veterans.  I will continue my work with them on a part time basis, at least for a while. 

My plans include pottery, my real passion, and writing, which has already consumed a large part of my life. I also plan to help homeschool my granddaughter in both English and art.  I'll work from home, mostly, for my part time work but will probably go into the office once a week or so. 

I am SO looking forward to this!