Thursday, July 1, 2010

One of the clear successes in the garden has been the herbs.  I love to watch the expression on a person's face as the stevia leaf in her mouth suddenly becomes sugar-sweet.  The eyes widen in complete surprise. The dill complements our pickling cukes and the basil seems to be popular with everyone.  Chicken and tarragon are a natural pairing and we have plenty.  We're having a big celebration tomorrow for the Fourth and I expect the herb garden will get a good workout. 

Yesterday I received my kid's healing herb garden kit from Mountain Rose Herbs. (This is a terrific resource for all things herbal.) This contains some lesser known herbs such as calenudula (great for the skin) and lemon balm (makes a soothing tea). I'd like to get the older kids in on this garden as the first one I did with the little ones in the Theraputic Childcare Center.  I'm planning on having a regular garden party in the next few weeks to harvest our sweet potatoes and other veggies and make room for what can be planted mid-summer.  Also, I want to create a new bed or two to get ready for the fall planting.  If I don't come up with some collards this year the women might mutiny!

Brian Gandy of Garden City Organics did a great job on our greenhouse shed.  I plan to prime the inside and the trim this weekend and then get a work crew together here to paint it.  I'll add vinyl tiles to the floor, sand the work bench inside and put up some tool racks.  I want to add a rod from which we can hang planters inside and a few hooks on the outside for the same purpose.  I love this shed!

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