Monday, July 26, 2010

The other garden

The garden about which I write here is an organic vegetable garden but another garden at Hope House has lately gotten a lot of attention.  Our meditation garden was installed last year during a cold sleety rain by a wonderful man, a Master Gardener, named Bill Adams.  Bill was a great bear of a man and worked hard breaking up our solid clay soil.  He found someone to donate the plants for the garden and brought some himself.  He provided the brains and the brawn for our meditation garden.  Tragically, he was killed as he worked in his own garden by a driver who hopped the curb and struck him. We will always remember him for his great laugh, wise ways and generous spirit. So the garden he helped plant is special to us.

We discovered that our meditation garden had a drainage problem, due in large part to the clay soil.  So that required some effort. And we did put in a drain but not before we lost several of the plants to wet feet. But enter our second hero, Megan Fechter, a local high school student who decided to take our flagging garden on as a Girl Scout project.  She raised the needed funds by cutting grass for neighbors and then rallied friends and family to help with the work.  Here's the result.  I thought it worth a mention.

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