Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kids and Gardens

When people ask me what I find the most gratifying about having a garden at Hope House, I have to say it's the kids.Some of the parents are really into it and some not so much, but the kids?  Well,  I simply cannot go outside to do anything in the garden if the children are out and about without having them rush me with offers of help.  "Miss Rosemary" they cry, "Whatcha doing?  Can we help?"

Yesterday I noticed that in the children's garden a number of the sunflowers had keeled over from the winds we've had.  I hastened to shore them up, piling more dirt around their roots and tying them to the house as necessary.  I had many little helpers. They stuck their hands in the dirt.  They patted.  They held tools for me.  They helped. And they loved helping.  One little girl sighed deeply and said, "I love our garden."

Yep, that's why I do it!

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