Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fresh pickles

The other day I was able to harvest a good number of pickling cukes and some fresh dill.  As a treat for our residents I sliced the cukes, layered them with the dill weed, piled on some ice cubes and topped them first with some vinegar and then salt on the ice.  A few hours later the ladies had fresh pickles with lunch. Such simple treats make having a garden worthwhile.  A simple pesto can be made with fresh basil, olive oil, and pine or walnuts.  No cooking involved!  Just boil the pasta, top with the pesto and eat. I love easy.


  1. How did the fresh pickles go over with the ladies? And what a nice shot of the Black Jack. What a wonderful dog he was.

  2. The ladies loved the pickles. I planted more for them.

    And yes, BJ really was the world's most perfect dog!