Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Reaping Hope Revisited

Every spring people get the garden bug and every summer the gardens get the bugs!  The garden was beautiful then the bugs noticed and now we're up against it.  I have confidence that our advisers know what they're talking about so I'll be spraying our tomatoes with "Safer Soap" and hope to halt  the little stingers that are getting to our crop.  I'll also be replanting and expanding our variety.  I'm going for some more cukes, an eggplant, some chives, and am putting in more oregano and parsley, popular little herbs that they are. 

We've learned quite a lot so far and the garden has generated much interest among our residents.  Tomorrow we'll be having an herb class and harvesting about half of our herbs.  We'll also sink one-gallon containers in the beds to do a little passive watering.  Photos tomorrow, I promise!

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