Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Post work day

We had a good day in the garden on Saturday.  We put out two of the three new large beds and moved two of the smaller beds close to the greenhouse shed and doubled them up.  Now the smaller bed is sporting our herbs and one of the larger ones is ready for planting.  I still have two beds to fill but no dirt to fill them with.  I'm hoping one of our supporters will come through with some good dirt for us.  I figure each bed needs about 64 cubic feet of dirt.  If anyone near Augusta can help, email me.

In this photo you can see the layout of our garden.  In the foreground to the right is our tomato bed.  I'm waiting on the heirloom tomatoes and then I will cover them until they start blooming.  Those huge hoops are available from Gardener's Supply.   The bed just to the left is the last of our collards (under curtains to forestall the cabbage worms we got last year). The part not under curtains is potatoes. Next to it you see the garlic.  It's almost ready.  I'm just waiting for the leaves to die back a bit.  You can tell the two new beds by their bright color.  These are cedar and weather nicely to the gray you see on the other beds.  So many people have asked me where I got these fine beds.  I ordered them from Earth Easy and I love 'em! The remaining covered bed is our cabbage, which, due to our warmer-than-normal-temps is beginning to bolt.  One bed has flower seedlings and the bed in the very back will be our salad bed with lettuce, radishes, etc. 

You gotta love spring!

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