Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sanity breaks

I've never been a smoker and have often envied smokers' ability to just drop everything and "go out for a break" for ten or 15 minutes.  Since having the garden at work I take what I call "sanity breaks" and putter about in the garden for a few minutes a day. 

The peas are growing but as soon as it gets, and stays, hot, they'll be toast.  The beans were stunted this year.  I don't know what happened.  My herb bed is happy.  I ate a few of the new potatoes last night and they were good, along with some cabbage, which was a little strong but still OK.  The tomatoes look beautiful.  I'm scared to death of the stink bugs, though.  I'm trying to leave them uncovered so they'll get pollinated, but those stink bugs will drain the life right out of them if I'm not careful.  Must be watchful.


Heirloom tomatoes
So I take my sanity breaks in the sunshine, do a little weeding, a bit of watering and I can't help but think it is so much better than lighting up.

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