Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Garden Party

A few weeks ago some wonderful folks from Georgia Power showed up early on a Saturday to help with our fall garden. And it poured rain so we couldn't get a thing done.  That was disappointing as these people got up early just to help Hope House and were thwarted.  Nevertheless, the garden work still needed doing.
I declared last Saturday a garden work day but it turned almost into a party! The residents turned out in force to help, with paint brushes, buckets, shovels, and more.  We painted the shed, swapped out the compost, got rid of the old plants that were no longer producing, harvested a bunch of hot peppers (what does one do with so many hot peppers, I wonder?),  and generally tidied up the garden.  We also made one new bed.  One thing we'll be doing differently for our fall garden is that each woman who gave me a detailed plan for a bed will get a bed of her own to grow whatever she likes.  Five women turned in plans.

This is exciting for me because I want the women to own the garden.  I want them to have the responsibility, satisfaction and stimulation that tending a garden provides.  And I see this growing.


  1. make pepper sauce. get a bottle with a small neck and a lid or a mason jar with a lid. put your peppers inside and cover with vinegar. you can put the sauce on peas, greens or anything you want with a little zing. i think my mom used to heat the vinegar and then pour it in the jar but i don't know if that is really needed.

  2. Thanks! I actually did that with some of the peppers and the rest I have drying in a paper sack.