Wednesday, March 22, 2017

OMG I Caught the Car!

I'm no stranger to publication. I had my first work published in my high school literary magazine at age 14.  By age 18, I was working at a daily newspaper while attending college, regularly getting published.  Since then I have written all manner of work: feature stories for newspapers and magazines, grants, public relations stuff, op-eds, speeches, you name it, I've written it.

But this week I caught the car: a traditional publishing contract for my book!  I am stunned and pleased beyond words, which is ironic, but clearly not true as I am writing this now.

My book is a nonfiction work on genetics.  I am hopeful it will help the families and doctors who must deal with a certain class of disorders not well understood.  I took a year to painstakingly write this book and a science publisher picked it up this week.

I can die happy.  I won't make much money but that was never the point.  The point has always been to provide much-needed
information to those who need it.

So yay!

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