Saturday, June 27, 2015

Tilting Left?

With marriage equality now the law of the land, the ACA firmly supported in the Court, and the Confederate flag coming down, could it possibly be that the nation is finally taking a turn toward sanity, toward the left?  If so, it's about time.

Consider equality.  Just the word.  Who hates that?  How is this religious persecution?  We are a secular nation with many of different religions and some of no religion.  In order for all to have the freedom to worship - or not - as they see fit, we must remain secular in law.  This is a win-win, not a loss for people of any god.

And if the emblem of your proud history is also the emblem of another's degradation, is it not imperative to relegate the emblem to its place in history?  Can one not be proud of the selfless sacrifice and bravery shown on the battlefield of individuals without flying the flag of a lost cause? Did not the common German soldier also fight bravely in support of his country?  That does not remove the bile from the mouth on seeing the Nazi emblem.  Let us move on.

I have lived all my life in this country and I love it so I hope we can always find middle ground to lay a path forward for every citizen.  I hope we are big enough to continue to welcome immigrants, as my grandparents once were.  I hope we find our way toward healthcare for all. I hope we can get the politicians out of our bedrooms and allow doctors to practice medicine as their patients require. I hope my granddaughters will never face the discrimination leveled at my generation.  Most of all I hope we can see that hate helps no one, that diversity enriches us all, and that this nation must serve us all, not just the wealthiest.

Today I am proud to be American.

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