Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sweet Youth

So, today the granbeanie and I are doing a wrap-up of the final tasks for some of the craft booth items we've made.  We're varnishing some items, touching up paint on others, completing a few things.  Also, as this is a school project, I made her write an essay about the project, using good paragraph structure, complete thoughts, and complex sentences.

As I  set her up to write, I gave her my phone, set it to google and showed her how to ask it to spell words she has trouble with.  I had to chuckle as she went along because, as a result of missing front teeth, google gave her back nothing but plurals!

Finally, she completed the essay and I was pleased with the result.  However, she spelled "figured" as "fingered" and I laughed and said, "That's just creepy!"  as I lightly used my fingers to tickle her arms. We then ran around the living room fingering each other until we collapsed - my in laughter, her in hiccups!

I am so fortunate to be able to do this!

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