Monday, February 14, 2011

Things are heating up!

It's February in the South - eat your heart out, all you Yankees!  This weekend we had sunny weather and temps in the 60s and it promises to continue all week.  So, the ladies and I put in a good day Saturday in the garden.  We harvested a wheelbarrow load of mustard greens and half a large basket of Brussels sprouts.  We cleaned all the beds, chopped the stalks and roots and put 'em in the composter for our spring compost.  We planted one more bed each of collards and cabbage.  Maybe we can squeeze out one more harvest before the summer plants go in.  And I worked on the shed.  I put up a shelf to hold part of the generous donation of soil additives given to us last month.  I set two of the children to work filling little pots with dirt so another woman here, with an injured foot, could plant seeds so we can produce our own seedlings.  Also I made the kids pull weeds out of the children's garden and plant some little flowers along our fence line.  All in all we had a great day.

Great things are ahead for the garden of 2011! Pictures with my next post.

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