Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Growing I/Changing habits

One of the more rewarding aspects of doing this garden is how it is changing the habits - not just of the residents here - but also the staff.  Nearly every Monday staffers bring me compostables from their kitchen.  It was hard at first to get across the idea that I wanted only raw vegetable matter, not meat, sweets, or even cooked stuff as it was often seasoned with salt and fat.  But change happens.

Today I fed our Mantis composter with good, clean grass clippings.  It gets plenty of coffee grounds, tea bags and old stuff from our various refrigerators.  Just last week I closed the first section of the composter and have begun to add stuff to the second compartment.  I selected this particular composter as it is big, has the twin compartments and seems sturdy and easy to use.  I have only one complaint so far: the clips are very stiff (you better wear gloves when opening or closing!) and after a while they work free, requiring a minor repair.

So, as our garden grows, we grow, too, seeing in our trash another small way to do some good.  This has led to yet another, non-gardening related change: now we are recycling cans as well.  The local fire department collects them and uses the proceeds to help families burned out of their homes.  A win-win for all.

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