Saturday, January 2, 2010

Relationships I

A dear friend has a birthday just days after Christmas. It's always a busy time for everyone and rarely do we spend that day together. We have always observed the date later and this year, I planned to drop off my little gift as I ran some errands.
One thing I had to do was drop by my sister-in-law's house because I'd left a pair of shoes there over the holidays. She invited me in for coffee and I stayed an hour. I had to go to several stores and my significant other was waiting for me to get home so we could go to lunch.

What does this have to do with relationships? Everything. For when I got to my friend's home she, too, invited me in. She wasn't expecting me and I hadn't planned on spending any time there but she's my friend. It's a relationship that requires nurturing as our lives now take us in different directions. But this is a woman who physically helped me move when I divorced. She made my daughter a birthday cake that year. She bought me a set of flatware. I had to ask myself, "Do you not have time for a cup of tea with one of your best friends?"

I made time. I could tell she was glad I'd come by. I enjoyed her company as well. It's true I had a student due this afternoon (I teach pottery) and my planned lunch didn't take place until after 2 p.m. but I value friendship and friendship is more than an exchange of trinkets on specific days. It's time and sharing and more time.

Make the time.

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